dance or design.
I love doing beautiful work.


I go through the preplan/plan, exploration, design, development and deploy phases of the design process using different tools appropriate for each phase depending on the project and project goals. I also use design thinking for my work in dance and dance education.  

For more on my thoughts regarding form and design and being a coder, you can find that below my visuals.

UC Coaching: Diversity + Empathy, Integrative Marketing Communications & Social Media Marketing Data Mining, Research, User Stories, Journey Mapping, Experience Sampling, Observe, Empathize, Analyze, Synthesize


Nice to kick off the research phase in the design thinking process with UX Coaching: Diversity & Empathy when working with a a team. User Experience Design for Diverse Markets

 UX Coaching: Diversity & Empathy. User Experience Design for Diverse Markets.

UX Coaching: Diversity & Empathy. User Experience Design for Diverse Markets.

Brainstorming, Bodystorming (UX Coaching), Sketching, Wireframing, Informational Architecture, Task Flows, Rapid Prototyping

Style Guide, Business Processes/Product Mapping, Use Cases, Design Concepts, High Fidelity Mock Ups, Clickable Prototypes


Usability Testing, Design Quality Check, Deploy Code on GitHub to share, if open source

Usability Testing: From here, there are many ways I carry out usability testing. I start out by explaining the study, give the task scenario and jot behaviors, comments, errors and completion (time it takes, success and/or failure) of each task. I choose a moderating technique depending on my goals. Ones I like to use include Concurrent Think Aloud (CTA)Retrospective Think Aloud (RTA)Concurrent Probing (CP) and Retrospective Probing (RP). 

In culmination of UT's, I include in my summation an over view of the product, provide surveys if I've designed any, ask end of session subjective questions, and give agreed on incentives. I enjoy UT as its where my ethnographic and people skills (understanding culture and sociology) skills really come into play.  

A few of my thoughts. 


  Interdisciplinary Study  image used for the piece:  "What Are the Benefits of Interdisciplinary Study? " by Michelle Appleby.  Find the article here.  

Interdisciplinary Study image used for the piece: "What Are the Benefits of Interdisciplinary Study?" by Michelle Appleby. Find the article here. 


beautiful interdisciplinary approach.


As an interdisciplinary product designer I enjoy designing and building products and solutions while engaging my various disciplines. Being a dancing and studying theatre design and technology, anthropology, digitizing archival dance content  and traveling the world, I was introduced to technology and design and the way people interact with them. People are beautiful. The way we engage in community, conversation and how we communicate engaging in art, technology or whichever language we choose is profound to me. 


I once studied dance as an NYU grad student in Italy with the University of Genoa's technology and music departments. I performed a dance projecting various forms of my body and movement on the stage and scrim with no physical sensors. Creating and performing an interactive choreography over a decade ago was not even a hint that I would be here today with my work.


My parents who were both artists and my husbands work in both design and in the tech industry has also influenced my concerns with the intersections between art, technology, education and culture. Our household conversations are latent with the heavy confluence of art, ed creativity, tech and politics. STEAM is the way to go we say.


leanUX + agile.


Lean UX and agile is often my framework and my design process leans on the research side using design thinking to design solutions and products. What I love most about leanUX is the iterative process and "learning loops" and what I love most about  Agile UX is working in tandem with developer. When developers and designers come together its pretty cool, so I would say thats where my front-end skill set also has its benefit. 


yes, I research & love beautiful design 


While research, data collection, analyzing and synthesizing is my passion, I love designing and working with form and design elements, color pallets, good heuristics and design fundamentals.


copy + text. 


I love type faces. I love words. Just before pursuing my PhD when completing an MA, I sought to apply to Columbia University for an MFA in Creative Writing. I studied literature in college and have always loved writing and the power of words. How people use words and language to influence and empower. Copy is extremely important and whatever text you choose will say it.  


<yes>_ beauty & creativity in coding 


I'm also a UXer who codes. Although I do, I am no less a researcher or designer when designing product or designing solutions for user-center design. Acquiring this skill has helped me create design and solutions through "the lens of dynamic and component based systems", creating scalable solutions and design that function as well as they look.

I am sure you are interdisciplinary too, whats your combo?