"I am concerned with intersections between

art, culture, education & technology."

-Yauri Dalencour


My aim is to build bridges and develop relationships to enable peoples' understanding of the diversifying world which is only growing smaller in this digital age. I develop strategies through ethnographic research providing solutions for positive human experiences from human-computer interaction to diversity and inclusion within corporate and education settings.

Being an ethnodanceologist and implementing UX design means I AM:

  • highly intuitive and fulfill my knack for the personal story and cultural experience.

  • keen on reading body language, kinetic response, gesture, facial expression and kinetic interaction.

  • passionate about culture, culture design and design thinking. 



In 2007, while living in NYC, I founded EthnodanceologyCreative a dance and cultural implementation boutique. As a dancer and dance educator, I use design thinking for choreography/performance, curriculum, lesson planing and program development designing reform solutions in education. Pulling it together using ethnography and other forms of data collecting and analysis, I've successfully implement my work across various institutional frameworks (museums, schools, universities) using the arts and technology to scale, make impact and affect change.




  • BFA in Dance & Theatre Design & Technology

  • International Studies, 2nd major

  • African American & Ethnic Studies, minor

  • MA in Dance & Dance Education -NYU Steinhardt School of Culture, Education & Human Development

  • PhD in Dance Studies, all but dissertation 

  • UX Design & Business Development, professional incubator - San Francisco

  • Social Media Marketing Specialization, NorthWestern University

  • Certificate in User Experience Research & Prototyping (HCI) - UC San Diego

  • Front-End Development Certificate, (in progress) Waypoint

My study includes dance performance and kinesis, cultural anthropology, human connection (physical movement and phenomenology), ethnography, comparative literature and writing, curriculum design and program development, learning and cognitive processes, computer science (Stanford University) and programming (bootcamps, self taught, woman's programing group I co-founded @Google as well as Ruby on Rails ongoing workshops).


Click here, for my process.

Click here, to see me dance.